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Do You Own A Dog?

If you own a dog, you're in good company. Almost half of all households with pets include at least one dog. You may have a purebred dog, or maybe you adopted a stray. Either way, odds are that you ended up with a smart, loveable companion that provides your family with endless amounts of entertainment.

If there's one thing we know about dogs, it's that they're independent, unpredictable, and unique. Every dog is different, and the fun part of owning a dog is discovering their individual personality and temperament. Of course, your dog may be the exception to these rules. but in general, here's what we've learned...

Dogs that are socialized to people and other pets at an early age tend to be more outwardly affectionate than those dogs that started life as strays. On the other hand, those more solitartary individuals tend to be scrappier, and better equipped to defend themselves in outdoor environments.

Each breed has a personality profile. Even if your dog is of mixed origin, he could take on any of those breed qualities. For example, any sort of Shepherd mix will probably have a herding nature about him, most Retriever mixes enjoy a swim, hound dogs will want to sniff around more on their walks, and terrier types may try to hunt down small animals.

Almost every dog is trainable! Admittedly, some dogs are more stubborn than others, but it's worth taking the time to see if you can not only teach him basic obedience commands, but perhaps train him to compete in canine agility, be a therapy dog to people in need, or even participate in your favorite sport. You may be surprised by the results!

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